Life at GNS: Cooperative Structure


Garden Nursery School is entirely run by parents and three staff members (two teachers and one part-time administrator), therefore parental participation is essential. Parents work alongside staff in every facet of school functioning - they assist in the classroom, run admissions, raise funds, purchase supplies and maintain the facility.

The following is a list of parental responsibilities:

  1. Parent-teaching in the classroom 5-8 times per year.
  2. Participation in 2 fundraising endeavors.
  3. Participation in 2 school clean-ups (usually held on Saturdays).
  4. Attendance of parent-teacher training (one evening in the beginning of the academic year) and all general meetings (3 per year, generally held on Wednesday evenings).
  5. Fulfillment of a cooperative job (one per family). Each family is encouraged to hold a board position for at least one year during their time at the school.

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